CV _ Vassiliki Kyriaki


Born in Athens, Greece

Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece


2008-2013: School of Visual and Applied arts (Sculpture/Jewelry and Object design) -University of Western Macedonia, Florina, Greece


  • 2017-2018: Educational seminars on ceramics technology with Menandros Papadopoulos / Iridanos studio / Athens, Greece
  • 2018: Silkscreen Workshop  /  Loupes studio / Athens, Greece
  • 2014: Japanese traditional copper alloys and coloring, with Prof. Kimiaki Kageyama, Alchimia: Contemporary Jewellery School / Florence, Italy
  • 2014: Lost wax workshop in metal casting technique – coordinators goldsmiths: Andronikos Sagiannos and Halilou Dahoud / Re-green eco-culture center, Seliana, Peloponnese, Greece
  • 2014: Apprenticeship in ceramics -Theodora Chorafas’ private studio/ Aegina, Greece
  • 2014: Educational seminars on ceramics technology with Kostas Tarkasis, Ceramists’ and Potters’ Pan-Hellenic Union, Greece
  • 2012: Apprenticeship in Ceramics –Daniel Didier’s private studio / Margarites, Crete, Greece.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2018: b u b b l e s  / Gallery for Contemporary Jewel and Object “Andronikos Sagiannos” / Acropolis, Athens
  • 2016: “Vassiliki Kyriaki – Ceramics 2014-2016”  / Gallery for Contemporary Jewel and Object “Andronikos Sagiannos” / Acropolis, Athens

Group Exhibitions

  • 2019: 5th Ceramics Exhibition, organized by the group Ceramists Traces / Agora Argyri, Patras / Greece
  • 2019: Engraving-Jewellery-Ceramics, Old primary school of Chora , Patmos, Greece
  • 2019:“Submerged”/Oia Vineyart Gallery/Santorini
  • 2018: Ceramics – Object – Engraving,  Old Primary School of Chora, Patmos, Greece
  • 2018: 6 Potters at Marina Keas Gallery, Kea, Greece
  • 2015: Influences, Greek Artists inspired by the traditional ceramics of the byzantine period, Palaia Kardamyli, Peloponnese, Greece
  • 2012: Young Artists’ Contest ‘prizes 2011’, Municipal Gallery of Ioannina and exhibit space of Byzantine Museum (Its Kale), Ioannina, Greece.
  • 2011: Useless, Pin anonimum Project, Lounging Space EXD, Largo da Boa Hora, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 2011: the Unpredictable, Pan-Hellenic contest for young artists – 11th Pan-Hellenic Congress for Architects, Zappeion, Athens, Greece.


2011: 4th Symposium of Sculpture and ancient Painting / Aiani Archeological Museum, Kozani, Greece


All different thematic works share a common starting point: Experimentation in materials, forms, symbols.

Matter matters

My work begins from the need to experiment with materials, to investigate the elements, to observe and understand their behaviour.Every experiment brings out a piece of information. That information becomes the key for my next step.

 What intrigues me in ceramics is that the four “key” elements (Earth, water, air and fire) being so rich, are an endless field for experimentation. Through their silent power and superiority continuously reveal in different ways, how the world is run.

Discovering the form: marching out of step

Classic forms either referring to an object of everyday use or to a figurative sculpture are considered to be –and indeed are- perfect.

By studying them I try to create my own, based on personal experiences and the deeper need to escape from their mythical perfection.

My forms are developed mostly influenced by natural shapes (animals’ nests and cocoons, minerals, tree trunks, roots or a human body posture) or old ceramic and metal pots and stone constructions from different periods and cultures.

Symbols: the reflection of reality

The use of symbols is another way of expressing one’s need to achieve communication. From the abstract pattern created by a repeated scratch to ideograms and pictures, we depict the conditions surrounding us in order to take a second look at them and subsequently present our view of reality to others.

The world of symbols is a timelessly evolving language of international origin, touching our most primitive perception through the associative process. A field to explore and widen while being connected to our fundamental substance.