Vessels for an imaginary ritual








The five Vessels for an imaginary ritual are inspired from the zoomorphic pots of different civilizations which were used in special -and most of the times, religious- ceremonies. In order to participate to the ritual, the lifeless container carries the form of an animate being, and symbolically its qualities and virtues. By portraying a living figure, it praises and exorcises.

Usually, while building a pot with coils of clay, one tries to erase the traces of this technique in order to give a smoother finish to the surface. In my work I find very important to reveal the technique I choose for each object or sculpture.

In this particular family of pots for an imaginary ceremony, my intention to highlight the building technique pushed the forms to the extreme. Each additional coil should not only shape the main body of the vessel but also contribute to the fact that this vessel transforms to a living being. The “alive” part of the pot is not separated from the main form – it is present from the beginning of its creation and determines its evolution.